We would like to offer a very warm welcome to the Clyst Heath Nursery and Community Primary School website. This website is designed to give you the most up to date information that we have about our school including its opportunities and aspirations for your child.  
Our aim is to give you a useful insight into the type of school we are developing at Clyst Heath, its aims, its staff, its curriculum, its organisation and activities.
We offer a committed and talented team of staff who are focussed on delivering a curriculum through high quality teaching, which is rich and diverse for all children in our care.  We want to be proud of the achievements of our children and to identify success in academic, social, cultural, physical and spiritual learning as they extend their knowledge and skills.
We firmly believe that an effective partnership between home and school is vital and communications between us should be open, honest and friendly in order that positive experiences may be gained.
We hope that you will take time to visit this site often in order to keep up to date with the positive progress and begin to experience for yourself the care and learning that take place at Clyst Heath Nursery and Community Primary School.
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Applying for a Reception Place at Clyst Heath for September 2017


The application period for September 2017 Reception children is 15th November to 15th January 2017.   There will be three information sessions for prospective parents.

Places on these sessions should be booked in advance by contacting the school office on 01392 361415

The dates are:

Wed 16th November  - 9.30am

Wed 7th December - 9.30am

Thur 12th January - 9.30am

The New National Curriculum at Clyst Heath

Introducing the new National Curriculum 2014

At Clyst Heath we have been preparing for the New National Curriculum and we are in a strong position to apply the revised content and expectation for all children across Years 1-6.

The mixed age classes at Clyst Heath are divided into three Learning Domains as follows:

  • Foundation Stage and Year 1
  • Years 2 and 3
  • Years 4, 5 and 6

These Domains are each led by a Senior Member of the Leadership Team with expert knowledge linked to the age groups of the children. It is in these Domains that curriculum planning takes place and where the staff can discuss the content, skills and knowledge which need to be delivered as well as having the opportunity to moderate the quality of outcome.

One of the key changes for us is the way our Rolling Programmes are delivered. As a whole staff we have reviewed the content of the new curriculum and have divided it across the year groups appropriately in order to build a Learning Journey for individual children. This also ensures that repetition and/or duplication is avoided.

Further information regarding this can be found in the sectionDelivering our School Curriculum 2014’ on the school website.

Ultimately we are looking to develop a broad curriculum which delivers a balance between the core subjects, (English, Maths and Science) and the rest including art, geography, history, music etc. As publicised in the national press, the most significant changes in the new curriculum are in maths, English and computing where more advanced topics are to be taught at a younger age. At Clyst Heath we want to ensure that our children have high levels of reading, writing, maths and computing in order that they can experience a new, rich and exciting curriculum across a range of interesting topics.

Another key decision for us is to commit to teaching in blocks and/or themes across the school for individual subjects such as history, geography and science. We believe that by teaching in this way rather than through regular weekly timetabled slots of hours across the term will deepen subject knowledge and encourage a greater application of key skills including problem solving, independence, positivity and resilience. It will also serve to enable children to connect their learning and make appropriate links. 

Further information on the New National Curriculum search www.gov.uk/dfe and follow the links for the national curriculum.


The school has received a number of complaints about unsafe parking at dropping off and picking up times outside of the school. This was mentioned in our newsletter last week and I have the need to mention it once again.

Royal Crescent is a relatively busy access route and this can become very easily congested at busy times of the school day. I am told that many parents are choosing to park on double yellow lines in order to be close to the school gates; this is obscuring both access and vision for both pedestrians and other road users.

Clearly this is neither safe nor acceptable and as a result I have forced to alert the police on this matter. Our complainants have also remarked upon the levels of abuse they have received when trying to address the situation with certain individuals.

Therefore I am writing to urge anyone who has the need to drive to school in order to drop off and pick up children that due care and consideration is taken with some urgency. Parking on double yellow lines is not permitted at any time and that other available spaces must be sought even if this results in a short walk to the entrance.

For those of you who do park with due care, and there are many of you, I would like to express my thanks. Therefore the above message only applies to those whose cars are parked either illegally or just badly.

I would really appreciate your help and support in this matter. It will only be a matter of time until a child gets knocked down and badly injured, or even killed in the road as they cross in anticipation to get to school. Please don’t let that be your child – or anybody else’s child.

Kind regards

Karen Hadley




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Congratulations to Water House for winning the House Cup for Summer 2016

Clyst Heath has a strong inclusive learning ethos where we live out our school values in a happy and confident way. The school motto ‘Aim High, Achieve the Best’ is well known by our children and frequently demonstrated in day to day life and activity of the school. We believe that education at Clyst Heath is an experience that all children should enjoy to the full and our curriculum offer is broad and balanced in order that this is upheld.

Our school website will give you a good flavour of what you can expect at Clyst Heath but please do come and visit us in order than you can see and experience the ethos at first hand for yourself and your child.

To view our latest Ofsted Report Click HERE

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