Welcome to Acer Class

Mr Jeremy Davy is delighted to welcome you to Acer Class!

Acer is a class of Year 6 children and, as the oldest children in the school, we take our responsibilites very seriously. We always work hard and strive to 'Aim High, Achieve the Best' every day. Mr Davy is supported by Teaching Assistant Mrs Clare Breading.

Learning in Acer Class

Acer Class is a class of Year 5 and 6 children who take part in a huge range of experiences and activities throughout a very busy year. Children are always challenged through a broad curriculum which is current, relevant, engaging - and FUN !

We encourage all our children to be independent learners, to think deeply about their learning and to be resilient when the going gets tough.

We encourage children to develop a sense of respect and responsibility for themselves, their peers, their school and the wider world. We liaise closely with local High Schools to prepare children for their transition into Year 7.

Year 6 SATS Tests take place in May each year and the children are thoroughly prepared for the experience.

Our residential at Hooke Court in Dorset and activity days at Haven Banks are great experiences for all our children. We take part in a range of exciting activities from orienteering and cooking to launching our own rockets!

Our PE afternoon is MONDAY  - please ensure children have their kit in school.

Homework is set on FRIDAY and is due in the following WEDNESDAY.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Autumn 2017 - Time Travellers

Term Focus: Relationships

School Values: Courage, Justice, Self Discipline, Gratitude


Time Travellers: The Past

We are all travellers in time – it might not feel like it but we have been born and are now part of history. We have a duty to share our knowledge with future generations and hope that they can learn from our lives as we have learnt from those in the past.

We have been asked to build a  large Time Capsules which will be buried somewhere on the school site in total secrecy. It will not be opened until the year 2042…

So what was Exeter like in the past?

We know that the Saxons lived in Exeter and that the Vikings tried to conquer them during several raids south.

What stories can we tell of those times? What do we understand about the human species and other animals and what might happen to them in the future?

What is it like to be a child in 2018? What do we understand about how our bodies work?  How do we keep healthy?  We’re holding a Science Fair and we’re recording our findings  - our time capsule will contain this important information.

The first compartment of our time capsule will be closed at the end of term to be sealed for 25 years…