Welcome to Acer Class

Mr Jeremy Davy is delighted to welcome you to Acer Class!

Acer is a class of Year 5 and 6 children and, as the oldest children in the school, we take our responsibilites very seriously. We always work hard and strive to 'Aim High, Achieve the Best' every day. Mr Davy is supported by Teaching Assistant Mrs Clare Breading.

Learning in Acer Class

Acer Class is a class of Year 5 and 6 children who take part in a huge range of experiences and activities throughout a very busy year. Children are always challenged through a broad curriculum which is current, relevant, engaging - and FUN !

We encourage all our children to be independent learners, to think deeply about their learning and to be resilient when the going gets tough.

We encourage children to develop a sense of respect and responsibility for themselves, their peers, their school and the wider world. We liaise closely with local High Schools to prepare children for their transition into Year 7.

Year 6 SATS Tests take place in May each year and the children are thoroughly prepared for the experience.

Our residential at Hooke Court in Dorset and activity days at Haven Banks are great experiences for all our children. We take part in a range of exciting activities from orienteering and cooking to launching our own rockets!

Our PE afternoons are TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY - please ensure children have their kit in school.

Homework is set on FRIDAY and is due in the following WEDNESDAY.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Autumn 2018: Adventurers and Explorers

Term Focus: Being Me in My World/Celebrating Differences

School Values: Courage, Justice, Self Discipline, Gratitude

We are thrilled with the way all the children have settled into their new classes and have made such a positive start to the new school year!

This term children in Years 5 and 6 will be exploring the world of Ancient Rome, its Empire and the impact the Romans have had on the modern world. We will be studying their culture and beliefs and their daily lives. We will also study Roman architecture and technology. We will take the opportunity to look for evidence of the Romans in Exeter (Isca Dumnoniorum). Our Roman Immersion Week is also eagerly anticipated!

In Science we are studying the natural world, the characterisitics of living things and plant and animal life cycles. We will study various habitats and the way in plants and animals adapt to their environment.   

Our Jigsaw PHSCE Programme will look at our rights and our responsibilities and what this means for us and children around the world.