Welcome to Beech Class

Mr Chris Wightman  and Mrs Mel Herron are pleased to welcome you to Beech Class !

Teaching and Learning is supported by Mr Barnaby Poslett and Miss Georgie Piggott. We are a mixed Year 1 and 2 class with a engaging indoor and outdoor environment enabling children to continue their learning journey through the Foundation Stage and into Key Stage 1. Our learning takes place through practical, fun activities and experiences ask us about our weekly challenges and choices.

Learning in Beech Class

Beech, Ash and Hazel Classes take our children through Key Stage 1. Our Year 1 children begin a new journey through school, and our Year 2 children continue to build upon their growing skill set. 

 Our aim is for the children to become 'Ready, willing and Able' in 'themselves int ehri schooland in their world', by fostering each child'sresilience, curiosity nad independent learning.We have a passionate team of staff ready to help each child achieve these goals, all of whom share the belief that our young learners need to access their education in an age appropriate way.

The three classes share the same friendly and accessible characters to help children talk about their learning. They are: Paddington 'the Explorer',  'Keep Trying' Kipper, and Percy ‘the Problem Solver’. See if you can catch your children learning like Paddington, Kipper or Percy at home! If you would like to find out more, please come and look at our working walls or at your child's digital journal. 

Autumn Term: Adventurers and Explorers

Term Focus: Being Me in My World/Celebrating Differences

School Values: Courage, Justice, Self-Discipline, Gratitude

Detective Foxy needs our help!

At the start of the term we received a note from a friend of Rodrigo’s called Detective Foxy (he often passes through our outdoor area). He had found an old newspaper report about a pioneer called Samuel Chrisdan, who had crashed his hot air balloon in the Rocky Mountains.

We have so many things to find out: what is a pioneer? Where are the Rocky Mountains? What are the Rocky Mountains like and what sort of plants and animals live there? Who already lived there?

Our teachers have suggested that we have a Wild West Day to answer many of these questions but we still need to help Foxy solve the real mystery: What happened to Samuel Chrisdan?

Reading at Home

Reading at home is known to have a positive effect on children’s reading progress. To support your child we kindly ask that you read a minimum of three times a week at home. This doesn’t need to be a long session, little and often is best. Each week your child’s reading record will be collected in and they can collect awards for reading regularly, the first is given after four weeks of ‘three reads’. These awards are supported by our ‘Captain Bookworm’ character. Ask your child or class teacher for more information