Welcome to Birch Class

Miss Sinead McCaffery is pleased to welcome you to Birch Class, a class of Year 5 children. Teaching is supported by Mrs Gill Wilmington and  Mrs Kelly Conibear .

Learning in Birch Class

In Birch Class, we aim to provide an exciting and enriched learning environment through the use of enquiry learning. We take time each week to nurture the children’s essential skills. We take a particular interest in the recall and use of times tables,to support our number work.

Cursive handwriting is now encouraged, with the children aiming for consistency across all written work. We provide each child with the necessary support to develop their social and emotional wellbeing, by providing positive models.

The children will enjoy a wide range of activities, challenges and experiences over the year.

Summer 2017: Eco Warriors

Term Focus: Relationships

School Values: Courage, Justice, Self-Discipline, Gratitude

Birch Class have continued to receive exciting correspondence from our mysterious friends Mr and Mrs  Explorium. Their aim is to create an Emporium of Discovery at Clyst Heath and they need our help! 

This term Birch Class are learning all about recycling, renewable energy and how to make our lives 'greener'. We are learning all about recycling, our eco footprint and how human beings impact the natural world. As part of our studies we are learning about the island nation of Tavalu, far out in the mighty Pacific Ocean. Tuvalu is in danger of being submerged by rising sea levels and we are writing powerful persuasive speeches in support of this remarkable place.

In Science we are learning about changing states of matter and performing some interesting experiments to prove or disprove our theories

Reading in Birch Class

We value independent reading in Year 5 and hold the expectation that each child should be reading as much as possible at home.

We keep a reading log in the classroom and encourage the children to keep this up to date with their latest books! This helps us to assist each child in choosing a wider selection of texts, and helps to promote the reading of different texts between friends.

Please encourage your child to read in every spare moment!