Welcome to Chestnut Class

Mr Mark O'Dubháin welcomes you to Chestnut class, teaching is supported by Mrs Clare Breading and Mrs Caroline Quartly

In Chestnut class we ask questions and strive to find the answers. We show resilience by not giving up. We support each other and we aim to do our best in all that we do.

Learning in Chestnut Class

Our learning across the curriculum will be centred on answering learning questions, which will involve children developing and improving new skills on a daily basis in order to answer them.

Along with developing each child's academic ability, we will also take care to develop their emotional and physical needs; allowing them to make sustained progress and fulfil their potential. Wherever possible, a cross-curricular approach to learning will be used in the class. This is to ensure children are able to make connections between other subjects and the world around them.

In Chestnut, we aim to provide a fun, safe and challenging environment on a daily basis.

Summer 2017: Eco Warriors

Term Focus: Relationships

School Values: Courage, Justice, Self-Discipline, Gratitude

Chestnut are fired up and ready for action!

In the Summer term Chestnut Class have continued to receive exciting correspondence from our mysterious friends Mr and Mrs  Explorium. Their aim is to create an Emporium of Discovery at Clyst Heath and they need our help! 

This term we are learning all about recycling, our eco footprint and how human beings impact the natural world. We have also been tasked with creating a new learning space in our wildlife area and are busy drawing up plans and designs.

As part of our studies we are learning about the island nation of Tavalu, far out in the mighty Pacific Ocean. Tuvalu is in danger of being submerged by rising sea levels and we are writing powerful persuasive speeches in support of this remarkable place. 

Tuvalu in danger...