Welcome to Hazel Class

Mrs Kate Graham is pleased to welcome you to Hazel Class where Year 1 children learn and play together, supported by Miss Caroline Quartley and Mrs Clare Barrett.

Access to the National Curriculum is through a play-based learning environment.

In Hazel Class your child will be encouraged and supported to take responsibility for their own learning. They will develop an awareness of the necessary steps they need to take to achieve their very best. We are based in the Foundation/Year One Unit, working closely with Ash Class. We strive to foster a love of learning, a strong sense of curiosity and the determination and resilience to persevere and succeed. To achieve this we have a team of highly skilled teachers and teaching assistants who are passionate about early years education and share the belief that ‘play is truly a child’s work’.


Learning in Hazel Class

Our school promotes having a growth mindset and this year we are introducing three characters to help our children become resilient, inquisitive and creative lifelong learners. They are: Paddington ‘the explorer’; Kipper, who keeps trying and Percy ‘the problem solver’. See if you can catch your children being a Paddington, Kipper or Percy learner at home!

Summer 2017: Eco Warriors

Term Focus: Relationships

School Values: Courage, Justice, Self-Discipline, Gratitude

We welcomed our class bear, Bert back to school after his trip to Peru.   He had a lovely time with his Great Aunt Lucy and tried out lots of new activities.  One of these was fishing, he was very disappointed to find that his heavy net was not full of fish but was full of rubbish!  He has returned back to school and has asked us to help him sort and name the materials that he found in the net.  So in our science lesson we are exploring, sorting and naming different materials.  Linked to this, in art we are learning about a local artist who uses ‘rubbish’ to create large canvas portraits. As a class, we have collected our own ‘treasures/rubbish’ to use to design and create our own masterpiece! So far we have sorted items into colour groups and started making patterns, we really enjoyed exploring the different shapes, textures and colours. 

Bert is helping us in our Literacy and geography learning.  We will be talking about local geographical features, where they are in location to our school and what the purpose of the features are.  We have looked at our local area on google earth and enjoyed trying to locate our houses and local points of interest.    We are using this information to help us in Literacy as we will be writing a story based on the book ‘The Elephant and the Bad Baby’, who visits different shops and buys items relevant to that shop.  In maths, this term we will be learning and using different coins in our role-play supermarket and adding up different items and giving change.  We will also be learning to tell the time to o’clock and half past and find ½ and ¼ of objects.  Alongside this we will continue to have fun with our counting songs.

A Message to Parents and Carers

In Year One-We move from the EYFS curriculum to the National Curriculum.  Our learning is still very much based on play and we use a continuous and focused provision to teach and assess key skills.  

The most important things that parents can do with children are: read with them every day for 5 to 10 minutes, count to 100 backwards and forwards and recognise numbers to 100 and complete the weekly homework we send out to consolidate and build on new skills.