Welcome to Oak Class

Mrs Brooks and Mrs Barrett are pleased to welcome you to the Reception Year of school. We are supported by two HLTAs Mrs Jeffrey and Mrs Twitchin and Teaching Assistant Mrs Howlett. Miss Paton is a student teacher based in Oak Class this year.

Learning in Oak Class

We strive to foster a love of learning, a strong sense of curiosity and the determination and resilience to persevere and succeed. We want our children to be ‘Ready, Willing and Able', in themselves, in their school and in their world.  We teach and learn through a balance of large and small planned groups, focused individual tasks and child initiated learning. We have three learning characters, who help our children to become resilient, inquisitive and creative lifelong learners.  These are Paddington ‘the explorer’, ‘keep trying’ Kipper and Percy ‘the problem solver’. These characters give the children the language to talk about and discuss their learning and that of others. See if you can catch your children being a Paddington, Kipper or Percy learner at home! 

Autumn 2018: Adventurers and Explorers

Term Focus: Being Me in My World/Celebrating Difference

School Values: Courage, Justice, Self Discipline, Gratitude

We were really excited when a big box arrived in our classroom with a bear called Bert inside it.  He has been sent to us from Great Aunt Lucy because she wants him to be a better learner and she has heard that we can help him.  We are teaching him to ‘explore’ like Paddington, ‘keep trying like Kipper’ and ‘problem solve’ like Percy.  He does get in to quite a lot of trouble and we have been teaching him our class rules of kind hands, kind feet and kind words.  He has already set us lots of exciting challenges in maths, literacy, science, art and PSED.  You can follow the adventures we have with Bert either on our Seesaw account or on the display in our classroom!

A Message to Parents:

As well as being a big milestone for many, the Reception year is an exciting time of rapid development. Your child will develop the skills that secure future learning. During this year children refine and develop their communication skills, learning to get along with each other and cooperate; they learn to  read, write and understand the basics of our number system. As parents, the most important things you can do to support your children’s learning are talk, talk and talk some more; read and tell stories, count (anything!) and find a quiet five or ten minutes every day to listen to your child read. For more information about what your child is expected to be able to do by the end of the Reception year open the Early Years Outcomes document located on this page.

Learning at Home

Please send information about your child’s learning at home to:


Once received we will upload it to SeeSaw creating a truly holistic picture of your child as a learner!