Welcome to Rowan Class

Mrs Leanne Reeves and Mrs Rowena Burrows are pleased to welcome you to Rowan Class, a class of Year 3 and Year 4 children. The curriculum is planned jointly in a domain of four teaching staff with close liaison, communication and support from our Teaching Assistant team.

During planning, our teams share the preparation of work, drawing on different experiences, knowledge and expertise to ensure work is relevant and well matched to meet the needs of the children. In this way, we are able to utilise the strengths of a large staff team and enhance the quality of learning and teaching.

Learning in Rowan Class

The quality of the curriculum is very important and in Rowan class we give pupils memorable experiences and build upon their interests and aspirations. In Rowan class we facilitate discussions around questions, explicitly teaching, modelling and practising the following skills:

* Being a good listener

* Communicating clearly

* Making eye-contact

* Justifying opinions

* Defining meanings

* Questioning assumptions

* Disagreeing without being disagreeable

* Thinking hypothetically

* Finding examples and counter-examples

* Comparing and grouping ideas

At the end of the day, we reflect on the skills we had been developing through our learning.

Autumn Term 2017: Time Travellers

Term Focus: Relationships

School Values: Courage, Justice, Self Discipline, Gratitude

In an old wooden shack in the middle of a forest lives a man called Mr Beaumont.

Many years ago he had lived a life of adventure, travelling far off lands and discovering amazing stories.

Sadly, as he ages, he has begun to forget the details of his amazing adventures. He has asked the children to help him record his memories.

This year the children will be responsible for building a memory book to help Mr Beaumont recall events that have happened in the past. They will film their stories and send them to him, helping him to recall the tales he knew when he ws young. He will also need help remembering the importance of the celebrations that happen later in the term...