Welcome to Rowan Class

Mrs Leanne Reeves and Mrs Rowena Burrows are pleased to welcome you to Rowan Class, a class of Year 3 and Year 4 children. The curriculum is planned jointly in a domain of four teaching staff with close liaison, communication and support from our Teaching Assistant team.

During planning, our teams share the preparation of work, drawing on different experiences, knowledge and expertise to ensure work is relevant and well matched to meet the needs of the children. In this way, we are able to utilise the strengths of a large staff team and enhance the quality of learning and teaching.

Learning in Rowan Class

The quality of the curriculum is very important and in Rowan class we give pupils memorable experiences and build upon their interests and aspirations. In Rowan class we facilitate discussions around questions, explicitly teaching, modelling and practising the following skills:

* Being a good listener

* Communicating clearly

* Making eye-contact

* Justifying opinions

* Defining meanings

* Questioning assumptions

* Disagreeing without being disagreeable

* Thinking hypothetically

* Finding examples and counter-examples

* Comparing and grouping ideas

At the end of the day, we reflect on the skills we had been developing through our learning.

Spring 2018 - Investigators

Term Focus: Dreams and Goals

School Values: Courage, Justice, Self Discipline, Gratitude

We are all very excited about our integrated learning topic on rainforests.  We were pleased to receive another letter from our elderly friend Mr. Beaumont, who has asked us to investigate all we can about tropical rainforests as his memory continues to fail him.  The children have eagerly begun to gather information for Mr. Beaumont, comparing their own British woodlands to the rainforest environment. This has included: researching and writing their own rough guide to British woodland animals, investigating how plants differ in each location, and using Henri Rousseau's rainforest paintings as stimuli in our own individual paint study.  We've been very busy so far – and it's only just half term!  We are still looking forward to sharing our 'junk plants' of the rainforest, learning about how animals adapt to rainforest habitats and using poetic features to describe the wonders of the rainforest.

As well as our integrated topic, we are pleased with the way that the children have embraced the challenge of learning their weekly spellings and continue to show commitment with their weekly homework.  Keep up the great work!  We were proud to have our first Rock Hero status awarded to George (Y4) and we look forward to more successes as the children continue to use ‘Times Table Rock Stars’ to improve their maths fluency. 

All three classes have begun to use SeeSaw – a digital learning platform, which allows them to share their learning and collaborate with others.  This has been very successful so far and we are looking forward to sharing our learning in this way with families at home very soon.

Looking ahead, we are particularly excited about our up-coming trip to Bicton Gardens in the second half term, as well as the world-famous Year 3 & 4 Talent Show!  Watch this space for more information on these events!