School Office Newsletters

September 2016


Dear Parents and Carers,

The school has received a number of complaints about unsafe parking at dropping off and picking up times outside of the school. This was mentioned in our newsletter last week and I have the need to mention it once again. 

Royal Crescent is a relatively busy access route and this can become very easily congested at busy times of the school day. I am told that many parents are choosing to park on double yellow lines in order to be close to the school gates; this is obscuring both access and vision for both pedestrians and other road users. 

Clearly this is neither safe nor acceptable and as a result I have been forced to alert the police on this matter. Our complainants have also remarked upon the levels of abuse they have received when trying to address the situation with certain individuals. 

Therefore I am writing to urge anyone who has the need to drive to school in order to drop off and pick up children that due care and consideration is taken with some urgency. Parking on double yellow lines is not permitted at any time and that other available spaces must be sought even if this results in a short walk to the entrance. 

For those of you who do park with due care, and there are many of you, I would like to express my thanks. Therefore the above message only applies to those whose cars are parked either illegally or just badly. 

I would really appreciate your help and support in this matter. It will only be a matter of time until a child gets knocked down and badly injured, or even killed in the road as they cross in anticipation to get to school. Please don’t let that be your child – or anybody else’s child. 

Kind regards 

Karen Hadley 


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