Welcome to Willow Class

Mr Chris Wightman is pleased to welcome you to Willow Class, a Year 3 class of children, he is ably supported by Mrs Lizzie Gibson.

Learning in Willow Class

Joining Year 3 means that the children have now started their new journey into the exciting world of Key Stage 2!

In Willow Class, we take time each week to nurture the children’s essential skills. We take a particular interest in the recall and use of times tables, to support our number work. We continue the handwriting focus from KS1 to ensure that all letters and joins can be achieved in a clear and consistent manner, across all written work. We provide each child with the necessary support to develop their social and emotional wellbeing, by providing positive models and engaging experiences.

The children will enjoy a wide range of activities, challenges and experiences over the year. The key skill of reflection is infused throughout all of our studies to help each child develop a keen sense of enquiry.

Summer 2017: Eco Warriors

Term Focus: Relationships

School Values: Courage, Justice, Self-Discipline, Gratitude

Welcome back to Willow Class! 

In Willow Class, we will be exploring an exciting proposition from the great granddaughter of Samuel Chrisdan!  She has been in touch with the class to explain that once Sam had returned from Africa he quickly fell out of love with large industrial cities and began designs for his own sustainable settlement back home in Devon. Sadly, his beautiful and intricate designs were lost before any building could begin...
Willow, Beech and Elm have been asked to come together to design and create something exciting - a new space within the school grounds which is based on Samuel's unfulfilled ideas! So  - get ready for plenty of art, design, geography and science as we prepare to become expert garden designers. Keep your eyes open for new developments!